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Hungarian Residency

Hungary Investor Residency Bond Program offers Hungarian Permanent Residency  to invest into government residency bonds.

Hungarian Parliament has just passed a new law which the Hungarian Residency Bond Program make even better and easier. 


Effective on  July 01, 2016  the changes are the following:

  • Get Permanent Residence Card in 30 working days  ( no need to wait for six months )

  • Dependent children above the age of 18  and dependent parents  will also get Hungarian Permanent Residence Permit.

  • No Hungarian address is required.


The legal procedure for approved foreign direct investment in the Residency Bond Program includes the purchase of special Hungarian Government bonds in the amount of 300.000 EUR with a five years maturity.  At maturity, this capital is returned to the investor without any interest.



  • 300,000 EUR  Investment in Government Bonds

  •   60,000 EUR  Processing & Administrative Fees