• Life Time Residency.

                 Once you get your residency, it would be forever.


  • Fast Application Process.

                 Received Hungarian Permanent Residency ( PR ) after few weeks.


  • Live and Work in EU

                 After receiving Permanent Residence, you can live, work, study and even built a company to  any Europe Union &

                 Schengen Countries.


                 Has all the rights of Hungarian Nationality except nomination and election for Government official.


  • No Minimum Stay In Hungary.

                 No Obligation to live in Hungary.

  • It Covers your family.

                Your spouse and your children under 18 years old are also included in the program for free,


                However, the dependent children 18 to 35 years old and dependent parents, can also be eligible to apply for permanent 

                resident permit with an additional application fee.    


  • For all Nationalities.


                 All nationalities can apply for Hungarian Residency.


  • Free movement throughout EU

                 You can travel anywhere in Europe and Schengen Countries.


  • Easy Requirements


                 Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate ( Attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hungarian Consulate  ). 

                  Police Clearance ( Attested ) 


  • Low Cost.

                 Total of 360,000 EUR which is the 300,000 EUR will be back to you after five years. And it's actually cost you 60,000 EUR 

                 only for the whole family.