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  • Collect and send us the required data and documents for government eligibility check.


  • We prepare your contract for the investment. 


  • Will send us the Contract by DHL from Hungary


  • You will transfer to the bank the amount of 360,000.


  • We will set your appointment to Consul in Hungarian Embassy in  Abu Dhabi  ( or  applicant’s residency )


  • During your appointment, the proceeding authority records the biometric data  ( fingerprints,  photograph ) of the applicant. 


  • About 30 working days, is expected to receive your Temporary Hungarian Residence Permit.  ( TR )


  • After six months, the Hungarian Residence Permit can be converted into a Permanent Residence Permit. ( PR )


  • After five years, Hungarian Passport can be received, after passing the exam for  the Basic Hungarian Language.


  • Get back your 300,000 EUR after five years.