1. Send us the following for the verification of eligibility.

  • Passport copy ( Main applicant )

  • Booking Form

  • CV  ( Curriculum Vitae )  ( Main Applicant )

Once the eligibility is proven we will need the following..

​2. Required documents to be provided prior to application.

  • Passport copy date page and outer cover.

  • Residence Permit / Visa if residing in other country.

  • True Copy of Birth Certificate with attestation. 

  • True Copy of Marriage Certificate with attestation.

  • True Copy of Divorced Certificate or Death Certificate with attestation ( if applicant is divorced or widow )

  • Original Police clearance with attestation.

  • Signed and Dated Curriculum Vitae ( to be signed by father or mother in case applicants under 14 ).

  • Filled Date Sheet.

Required documents to be provided at the time of application

  • 2 Passport size photos

  • Original Birth Certificate

  • Original Marriage Certificate

  • Original Divorced Certificate or Death Certificate ( if the applicant is divorced or widow )

** A True Copy of the Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and the Original Police Clearance shall be attested by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs ( MOFA ) of the country that issued the document. This is done by MOFA placing the stamp on the document that certifies the document is issued by the proper authority.

Following the attestation of the MOFA, the document shall be attested by the Hungarian diplomatic mission ( Consulate or Embassy ) of the same issuing country, the Hungarian diplomatic mission certifies that the MOFA stamp is original. And that's what making the document ready to be used in a foreign country. 

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